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The Jemo The Icon Show launched in April of 2020 with a simple mission statement: this will be a show about anything and everything. Week after week, Jemo and The Icon team of Philip, Bryan and Claire have delivered on that promise. With the help of a diverse roster of rotating guests hosts: musicians, artists, fantasy football elites, YouTubers, podcasters and Australian’s, The Icon show has tackled topics as important as The Potato Chip Draft, The Icon Spelling Bee Championship, The Male Grooming Syllabus Episode, The Hot Peppers Episode and Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? to name just a few. The live broadcasts have become appointment viewing, as what was originally a cult following participating every week has now become a community. For your viewing pleasure we have archived all live episodes on the YouTube page and you are welcome to subscribe to the channel.

Our debut episode on 4.1.20
Since the debut show we have added more lighting for Jemo’s green screen and upgraded Philip’s internet connection. We’re hip with the cool kids now.


You’re Welcome