Jemo ‘The Icon’


228 lbs


Favorite TV Show: Three’s Company

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Bears

Enjoys cold weather

Favorite Food: between pizza and tacos

Favorite Bands/Artists: The Dandy Warhols, Sam Roberts Band, Zero 7, Tonebox, Bob Moses, Gomez, PJ Harvey, Seal, A Tribe Called Quest, Immigrant Union and many more

Has severe sleep apnea

Is terrified of heights

Brian ‘Bee Ry’


185 lbs


Favorite TV Show: News

Favorite Sports Team: New England Patriots

Hates the cold!

Favorite Food: Steak with a side of Steak

Favorite Band/Music: Likes Van Halen and all genres of music from Top 40, Hip Hop to Anger Rock…. Especially Alice In Chains. But also enjoys smooth jazz and likes to see blues music in person

Enjoys working out, family and sports but along with every good thing comes a bad thing… smokes and drinks regularly

Enjoys long walks on the beach





Favorite Band: The Walkmen

Suffers from Vertigo roughly every nine months

Favorite Regional Food: Vienna Beef hot dog with the works from any stand in Chicago

Has a blind dog (Rose)

Favorite Meal: Rib eye steak prepared medium rare with an ice cold martini, shrimp cocktail, and some warm bread with butter

Loves: Jemo and Bryan